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Welcome to Michelle's Backyard!  We are a home-based Preschool in Redondo Beach.  We offer a loving, warm, safe and fun environment for your child to play and learn.  We are an Outdoor, multi-age Preschool program focusing on learning through Play and tailored to the specific interests and developmental levels of our children.  We gently hold your child's hand as they navigate the transition from home to Kindergarten.

We partner with parents, teachers and community to empower the whole child. Through creativity, imagination, problem solving, critical thinking, social responsibility, self assurance, and independence we strive to stay connected to the children through empathy and understanding. Childhood is a precious time of discovery and development. Children today face an increasing pressure to grow up too fast, depriving them of fundamental early childhood experiences that help them to become successful adults. Michelle's Backyard Preschool is committed to preserving the experiences of childhood. We spend hours outdoors exploring, giggling, laughing and discovering the world around us.  You will find us regularly covered in mud, chalk, paint or water and laughing as we splash through warm days in water tables, pools and slip n slides. Our atmosphere is relaxed and child-centered.

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 Michelle's Backyard

Preschool & Daycare

Welcome to Michelle's Backyard Preschool and daycare in Redondo Beach.  We offer a Multi-Age play based environment for children ages 1-6.  Inspired by theories such as Reggio, Constructivism and Montessori we offer a home-based Preschool in Redondo Beach.  We are freeway close to Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, and Manhattan Beach,  If you're looking for Preschool in Redondo, Hermosa or Manhattan Beach, please contact us to schedule a tour.




It is our belief that children learn best when they are interested in what they are learning. We interact, observe and plan activities that will expand their thinking to allow for language, literacy, pre-mathematical concepts and other pre-academic skills to develop. Learn More

At Michelle's Backyard Preschool in Redondo Beach we take extra care in making children feel safe, comfortable, and loved. The multi-age setting provides a rich and natural environment for children to develop social and emotional skills. Our curriculum is play based; focusing on the current interests and developmental levels of our children. We partner with parents and believe that emotional development is the core of proper brain development.  We have embraced the philosophy of nonviolent parenting, which stresses the importance of nurturing emotional intelligence through empathy and connection.  Our goal is for MB graduates to enter kindergarten as self-confident and effective problem solvers.

We believe in developing the whole child. Our enrichment program includes yoga, music and cooking and more.  All enrichment happens at Michelle's Backyard 

during the children’s regular hours.  We do try to venture out into the community and take field several field trips per year.

Welcome to Michelle's Backyard Preschool in Redondo Beach


An OUTDOOR,  PLAY-BASED program for young children

ages 1-6 years old