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Michelle's Backyard is an In-home Preschool & Dayare. We offer a multi-age, play based program for infants, toddler and Preschoolers in an indoor / outdoor environment that allows each child to grow and develop through exploration and play.

We partner with parents, teachers and community to empower the whole child. Through creativity, imagination, problem solving, critical thinking, social responsibility, self assurance, and independence we strive to stay connected to the children through empathy and understanding. Childhood is a precious time of discovery and development. Children today face an increasing pressure to grow up too fast, depriving them of fundamental early childhood experiences that help them to become successful adults. Michelle's Backyard is committed to preserving the experiences of childhood. We spend many hours outdoors exploring, giggling, laughing and discovering the world around us. You will find us regularly covered in mud, chalk, paint or water and laughing as they splash through warm days in water tables, pools and slip n slides. Our atmosphere is relaxed and child-centered.

Our teachers plan curricula based on children's interests and abilities and give them the support they need to feel comfortable testing and refining new skills. Our Philosophy is inspired by many developmental theorists such at Piaget, Montessori, Vygotsky, Dewey and Reggio Emilia. The basic core of which is education should be child centered; education should be active and interactive; education must involve the social world of the child and the community; children need first hand experiences and information to develop knowledge; Children need large blocks of uninterrupted time to play and enjoy the beauty in the environment and attention to detail. ​

While there is sometimes concern that PLAY does not adequately prepare children for kindergarten.  Our program, is designed to test, challenge and engage children. Children participate in numerous activities that involve math, science and literacy. We are providing children with skills to be independent, social, physical and emotional humans beings that are ready to become advanced learners. ​ Our discovery doesn't stop at the gate either, we venture out into the community to explore all that is offered from local parks , aquariums and local museums.........

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Michelle's Backyard

Welcome to Michelle's Backyard Preschool and Daycare in Redondo Beach.  We specialize in Infant, Toddler and Preschool age children in a Play based environment.  Inspired by theories such as Reggio, Constructivist,and Montessori we offer In home Childcare, daycare and Preschool in Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach , and Manhattan Beach,  If your looking for Preschool or daycare in Redondo, Hermosa or Manhattan Beach, please contact us to schedule a tour.

Play- Based


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Preschool & Daycare

Preschool Ages:

3 years -5.9 years old

Infant / Toddler Ages:

12 weeks - 2.5 years old